Monday, August 15, 2011

High Chair Giveaway

This high chair looks awesome! I love the design, it reminds me of a barber chair :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love and Fun and Shutterfly!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I definitely can't say it's because I'm too busy, because I am busy, but so are the other beautiful and amazing Moms that write blog posts more often than me :) So here goes!

Since anyone who reads this is probably my friend on facebook, you've most likely been getting my emails about the cutest baby contest! It's been pretty fun. I think I ended up putting more time into it than necessary because I think the "overall rankings" are the only ones that count, but that means we'll get $100! Yay for friends who vote! Maybe I'll put her into a photo contest that has a really great prize that we could use for her a lot easier than "wow points". She's so adorable, I know she could win if it isn't all crazy cheating like this much drama!

In other news, I was reading Megan's blog and came across a post she wrote about a great deal from Shutterfly where you can get 50 free Christmas Cards just for being a blogger! You just submit a form at this link and they send you an email with the details! I have loved Shutterfly ever since they had this thing where you could get a free photo book. They have great quality and I like how you have freedom to change around the already set designs or you can just create your own. All for a super low price! I was definitely going to get my cards from them anyway, so it's nice to save a bit in the meantime :) They have so many options it was very hard for us to choose! We finally decided on the ones that are folded and specifically one where we could put multiple photos on the outside AND inside like these. I won't say which one we chose specifically because that's a surprise! I'm so excited to get them and mail them out! I'll ask for addresses as soon as I get them. I made sure to add an update from the family and everything. Hopefully this can be a Holiday tradition and maybe I'll be able to use Shutterfly every year! I would love to use Shutterfly for Photo Calendars or Photo Mugs too! Such fun projects!

In the meantime, here's a cute video of Gabby to enjoy:

Haven't we all had WAY too much fun with that thing? :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Toy

Gabby's in that stage where she tries to eat everything and anything. This includes any new toys or mail that we get :) Especially the mail. She likes paper. I need to get her a wooden toy as a treat...haha. Maybe some blocks. Today though, she was enjoying her new gate:

Oh man...the things babies do! I love every one of those things, too! I agree with Francesca when I think that I want her to stay tiny but at the same time can't wait to see the new things she'll learn and do. Sometimes people find out that she's so advanced and already walking and they say things like "oh I'm so sorry" with a sad look on their face or "with the next one you'll learn to push them down". As funny as some of the comments are, I really don't agree. I think it's fabulous to have her learn so fast. It'll just be that much sooner that I can play with her out in the yard or take her to a playground where she can actually do something instead of being strapped into "fun" contraptions all the time. She's very determined to enjoy herself and all these baby things are just not enough for her! She hates being bored, and I need a wider variety of things to present! Like any parent, I'm proud of everything she does...and if that means she's ahead, then great! I know I only have one and I might change my mind the next time around, but for now I will cherish everything about Gabby that makes her...well...Gabby :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, this is finally Tim writing another one! Janae is out of town for the weekend so I decided I should write one just to take up some time and keep myself busy.

It's been a crazy weekend- I was at work when Janae and her mom left to go up to Boise, but then I got to go see Divine Comedy. James on the cast is a friend of ours from back in the day, so he got us fast passes. I went with Chris and Kareena (our landlords? we just call them the people upstairs haha) and we laughed a lot. This is the comedy troupe on campus that makes fun of everything from a week being enough time to tell if a certain person is "the one" to dissing UVU at every opportunity that comes up. It was pretty awesome. They had a parody of "Inception" called "Reception" where they had to plant in someone's head that she should marry a guy she doesn't know. It was pretty crazy, especially since I still haven't seen "Inception." So yeah, after the show we went home, Kareena made smoothies, and I had a guy's night with Binggou, our dog.

Saturday was awesome. I sent out a mass plea text friday night saying "Janae is out of town and I need company. Wanna get breakfast at Kneaders in the morning?" I was appealling to my band freinds, but some non-band friends responded as well, so we all met there and pigged out. It was fun. The Bandies left to go march in the BYU Homecoming parade, and I went to watch. I'm still having serious withdrawals from not being in the band this year. This is the first fall that I haven't done band since 2001 (excluding the mission of course, but seeing Taiwanese marching bands didn't make me miss band at all. Only the Power of the Wasatch is powerful enough to bring on that kind of feeling). Every time I see them in uniform I feel like I have something to do after being part of band leadership last year. Now to see them and not be needed and not being able to play music is hard. I guess we can call this a plea- if anyone has a baritone of Euphonium they want to donate to the "Tim needs his band geek music fix fund" please let me know. I will gladly take any other unwanted instruments off of your hands as well.

Anyway, it was fun seeing the band, no matter how much it hurt inside, but the cheerleaders and sports teams throwing candy and stickers at us made it that much better. Binggou wasn't quite as happy however when the volleyball team aimed candy at him.

The parade ended, and I went to get the tires rotated. I had time, so i woke up my little sister who was still in bed in California... oops. we talked for a while, then I called my parents and kind of vented to them my frustrations about not being in band this year after the homecoming parade. it wasn't really venting; i just thought they would appreciate the fact that I went :) after that I went home, mowed the lawn (and felt awesome doing it. why does doing yard work make you relax?), took a shower, and spent 12 hours at Bath and Body Works... that was intense. I prepped for our floorset, worked on the sales floor for a while, then I ran the floorset that lasted from 9pm to 1:45 am. I was proud of our team- I expected to be there a lot longer. We didn't finish EVERYTHING, but I'll go do the finishing touches on Monday morning.

As for Sunday, I still miss my wife. Let's see what other things I can do around the house today to try and make them a little happier after a long stint on the road :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Little Gabber :)

Let's just say she was well-named. She is definitely a gabby! It really makes me wonder how she thinks we sound...

In other news, I've been better about eating. For some reason I have this issue where I always forget to eat...but I'm trying to do better :) In my attempt, I've kept the kitchen clean and I've started to make fun foods! Last night I made Broccoli Cheddar Rolls and today I made some Cream-filled Cupcakes. Soooooo good! I really do love cooking. I don't know why I don't do it more. I feel very accomplished and healthy (even if the food isn't...). There's just something amazing about knowing exactly what is in the food. Plus, I've always loved following instructions so recipes are super exciting to me :) Mostly everything I make turns out really really tasty. The only thing I need to work on now is making things look a little prettier...haha. Oh well. It's not like I want to start a restaurant or anything, right?

Monday, September 27, 2010


Toddler? NOT YET! PLEASE!!

I don't think I've told everyone on here, but Gabby's been crawling ever since she was 4 and a half months. Nobody told me that wasn't normal until it was too late! Now, starting at 6 months, she's walking around on everything. Not quite by herself yet, but it's pretty close. The pediatrician gave up being surprised and said in order to find her normal, she would just consider her a 10 month old and everything seems fine. I thought that was pretty funny...and good advice :)

So that's a picture of her standing up on the couch trying to get to me. I just love her!

We also found out a couple days ago that she has started teething! She was being fussy and we happened to think to check, not expecting to find anything when...SURPRISE!...there was a tooth! It's just a tiny little thing poking out, but I think it's cute. Today I was taking pictures of her and she just happened to open her mouth BIG and WIDE so I zoomed in to see if I could see the tooth and there it was! Right there on the bottom middle on her right side. It's sad but adorable!

And just so I don't seem extremely weird for posting that close up of her mouth, here's the original. cute!

I found a gymnastics place in the area that does a class for infants from 4 months - 10 months so I'm thinking about doing something like that with her.

Now some news about us for once! Tim and I want to get into better shape but neither one of us are the "work out in a gym" type so I'm trying to figure out ways to make it fun. I really want to do dance lessons but Tim is apprehensive. He thought maybe we could do gymnastics for adults, like tumbling or something but I can't find anywhere that does that! I was pretty sad because I got all excited! I've always wanted to figure out how to get my body to do a back-hand-spring. Whenever I tried it in cheerleading I just couldn't get past the round-off!

So I started searching for places to do ballroom dance lessons, figuring it would be super easy to find that in this area and I still had a hard time. If anyone knows a good place that's not $5000 a month, let me know!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Half Birthday!!

Yes, I know what you're thinking. But I'm a new mom! Cut me some slack :) We really had a fun time and I tried my best to make it super fun for Gabby. I think she enjoyed her first party. Here's some picture proof:

Who says we can't enjoy cake?

She loved playing with it...I think she only ate a tiny piece...haha

I am happy that my little baby is six months old, but at the same time I wonder, where did the time go?? I guess this is just the start of me wishing for the old days. She's just so cute and wonderful and smart and talented every second and I love her even more. I don't want her to change and then I see how much more beautiful and amazing she can be and then fall in love with the new and improved her! It's a never-ending cycle, isn't it? Just for fun, I wanted to upload the memory video for her half-birthday party. Enjoy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

"A Birth Story"

This is my birth story from the perspective of my doula. I thought it was really nice that she did this for me and I love how she wrote it so I thought I would share it with you guys. She wrote it to Gabrielle.

**Disclaimer** Do NOT read this if you don't want to read details about a birth. That's what this is!

"A Birth Story"
Gabrielle Gloria Wallace, March 18, 2010
By Amie Stone (Doula)

From the first time that I met your mom, she was eager to learn all there was to know about the "wonder" of pregnancy and birth and how she could best prepare herself for those events. At first she wasn't too sure of herself but as she studied and gained knowledge about the process of pregnancy, labor, and birth and as she learned and practiced relaxation techniques and physical coping strategies she became very confident in her ability to give birth. After gaining this knowledge she decided that a natural, unmedicated birth would be the best choice for the both of you and she prepared herself accordingly.

Your dad played a major role in the preparation process as well, learning relaxation techniques, helping your mom relax, and supporting her in everything she was doing. Your mom was pretty sick for most of her pregnancy but managed to make healthy choices for her and for you. An example of this was her insight into what kind of medical care that the both of you deserved. Your mom changed doctors two times because she felt strongly that they were not giving you and your mom the care you both deserved and needed. She finally got the care she deserved from the midwives at the Mt. Timpanogos Women's Health Center.

As time for your arrival drew near there was much excitement and anticipation. Your mom was having contractions regularly for a couple days in a row. She went to see her midwife who gave her a shot of morphine to help her relax and save energy for labor and birth. Later on the contractions became closer together and very strong, consistently, for over and hour, so she decided to head to the hospital, it was Monday evening of March 15th. Once she was situated in the hospital, to everyone's disfavor, her contractions became less intense and regular, and consequently the hospital released her to go back home.

On Wednesday evening of March 17th your mom's contractions, once again, became intense and close enough that she decided to make another trip to the hospital. This time the hospital decided to admit your mom. The nurses noticed irregularities with your heart rate and so the midwife decided to break the amniotic sac to help move things along. When she broke the sac there was a significant amount of meconium (baby's stool) present. This can cause the baby serious health problems if the baby inhales the meconium into their lungs so they were keeping and extra close eye on you.

As labor progressed and contractions became more intense, your mom became more focused. With each contraction she was able to stay in control by breathing deep and allowing your dad, grandma, and myself to perform counter pressure, hip squeezes, and knee compresses to help her manage the pain. It was clear that all of your mom's preparation had paid off; she showed so much strength by staying calm and in control of the situation.

Around 1am on the morning of March 18th due to lack of sleep, working two jobs, and attending school full-time, your dad was physically exhausted, and laid down to rest. Your grandma and I stayed close to your mom and helped support her as best we could.

About 1-1 1/2 hours later, the contractions were very intense and getting closer and closer together, come of them even double peaking which are both signs that the time was very close for your delivery. Your mom was tired and was having doubts whether or not she would be able to make it without pain medication and decided that she would get medication after her next exam if possible. The exam showed that she was dilated to 9cm and 100% effaced. She was too close for medication. We then woke your dad up and told him that he needed to get up and get ready because soon very soon he was going to be a dad.

While the midwife was getting things ready for your mom to push she told your mom that she wouldn't be able to hold you right after you were born like she wanted to. This was because of the meconium, they needed to clip the cord and immediately get you over to the respiratory therapists. Your mom recognized that this was in your best interest. While pushing you heart rate dropped very low and they needed to perform and episiotomy to help you come out. At first your mom said, "No!" being a little scared but it didn't take more than 5 seconds before she said, "do it, do it". She knew that is what needed to be done and she was willing to experience more pain in order to keep you safe. She loves you so much. During all of this your dad was close to your mom encouraging her and sharing the ups and downs. Your grandma and I were close by as well.

Finally you were born at 3:29am on March 18th. The midwife quickly cut the cord and got you to the respiratory therapists who took good care of you. They did a lot of tests on you to make sure that you were ok, and you were.

I am so blessed to have been at your birth. It was a very beautiful experience. Your mom inspired me with the strength and determination that she displayed. I feel very blessed to have witnessed the love that your mom, dad, and grandma showed toward you and the love between your mom and dad. You are very lucky to have parents who love you so much. Never doubt or question the love they have for you.

That's all she wrote. I am very grateful that I was able to have a doula there for labor and delivery. She is such a great woman and I am so glad I could make a new friend! We're planning on "kid swapping" so the other can go on a date with their hubby :) Anyway, I just want to mention now that I love my baby soooo much. Labor was a very hard but rewarding experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. I would go through much more in order to have the miracle that is sitting beside me right now. She's such a beautiful creation sent from our Heavenly Father. Tim and I are very glad He has entrusted us with such a great responsibility and we are trying our best to learn and grow with her. Thank you everyone for all the support and love we get from you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

School and Baby Gabrielle

Sarah said I should update this since we have so much to say! Here's what's been going on:

1. I've decided to finish school! Yay! I'm majoring in Linguistics with a minor in anthropology. It was really nice to do a graduation plan and see the plan right in front of me. I'll be graduating December of 2011! Although, the class order has already changed a million times due to what's offered and how many credits I have to take for financial aid, so it may even be sooner :) I'm super excited to have a degree and finally do really well in school. Super mom!

2. Since I decided to go back and finish up, Tim didn't want to waste our time here, so he's added a second major. He's now double majoring in Linguistics and Chinese-Mandarin. Crazy, eh? He's super smart and I love him :) I'm so excited for him to get a job with the foreign services and we'll be sent all over the world. I'm pretty sure he's a shoe-in with just knowing Chinese, let alone majoring in it! We'll see how the process of applying goes and I'll post updates with that.

3. Last of all, the BEST news is that we had our cute little baby girl on March 18, 2010! Her name is Gabrielle Gloria Wallace and she was born 5 lbs 8 oz. She was teeny :) I'm not arguing! There were some complications but she was just fine and she's happily sleeping next to me right now. She'll be 8 weeks on Thursday! Crazy! I love her sooooo much. It was such a blessing to be a mom on Mother's Day. I'm excited to see her grow and learn :) Here are a few of my favorite pictures so far-

Her first day on this earth!

Her first bath...she wasn't too thrilled

She always falls asleep in her swing- she loves movement

Sitting up with her Boppy!

The first smile I was able to catch on camera! It was actually the end of the smile, but it still counts and it's very cute :)

That's all for now! Soon we'll be getting a real camera instead of using my phone for all the pictures. Then everyone can tell how cute Gabrielle is in FULL COLOR! Coming soon-2010. Also, my mom is coming back down to help us out this summer. I was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression and my midwife suggested medication with counseling. With school and everything making things super stressful, it will be nice to have some help while Tim works 40+ hours every week. No more taking baby to class! I'll post more updates soon. We love you all!